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Bass CluB

A Central Alabama Bass Fishing Club



A. Maximum participating club members is forty (40). Each member or a guest that fishes in DANG Bass tournaments or participates in club functions will be required to sign a liability release form.


B. Membership dues: 

(1) $35.00 annual dues to be paid before our first tournament in January. Ten dollars of each person dues

will be put with threee hundred dollars ($300.00) from club treasury for our end of the year top three teams. The prize money

will be split by percentage 50, 30, 20. In case of a tie for third place on AOY standings funds will be

split between teams involved.

(2) A $5.00 late fee will be charged for existing members who fail to renew their membership after their first


(3) Dues for new members (new members are defined as never been part of DANG Club) accepted after the year has

started will be prorated at $3.00/ month for the remaining months in the year. Minimum dues charged will

be $18.00 regardless of the time of the year.

(4) For a two day tournament a flat rate of twenty five dollars extra per angler/fifty dollars per team, will be collected per boat to collected to help cover club expenses.

(5) In order for the Club to pay expenses for a two day tournament, a member must be in good standing. Good

standing is defined as fishing 75% {(3)/(9)}tournaments.


C. New Members:

(A) Each member may recommend an individual for membership.

(B) New members recommended for memebership will be made to the club members present for approval.


D. Guest:

(A) Guest invited by members to participate in a tournament will be eligible to compete for money prizes.

The member is responsible for the guest ante.

(B) Each guest may fish up to four tournaments per year. The guest must join the club after the 4th tournament.



(A) One meeting per year will be scheduled usually in December to schedule all tournament sites/locations and

dates for the entire year. All recommended rule changes will be voted on at the annual meeting.

(B) A monthly meeting may be held at the end of each tournament. (If applicable)



(A) There will be 12 tournaments each year, fished monthly.

(B) Each tournament will have a First, Second, and Third prize established as follows:

(1) Each tournament participant will pay $30.00 ante prior to the start of the tournament

(2) $2.00 per angler will be collected for big fish

(3) $7.00 from each ante will be put back into the club treasury

(4) The remaining pot will be divided $9.00 per person to first place, $7.00 per person to second place, and

$5.00 per person to third place

(C) All antes will be paid prior to tournament when possible.

(1) Any prize money not paid out due to no fish being caught will be placed in the club treasure.

(2) Prizes will be awarded based on the total boat weight of legal fish.

(3) The top teams of the year will be determined by total points awarded for 11 tournaments. Lowest one day

points will be dropped.



(A) All decisions made by the Club Officers are FINAL!

(B) All officers will rotate up each year and a new SECRETARY/TREASURY will be elected by members.



(1) The President will schedule and conduct all meetings.

(2) Make any decisions on changing locations, times, or launch sites with officers approval

(3) The President will ensure all club, state, and federal regulations are followed

(4) It will be the responsibility of the President to control weigh-in scales

(5) President may appoint someone to conduct weigh-ins and monitor



(1) In the absence of the President assume his duties

(2) Assist in weigh-in

(3) Will assist in contacting all members with changes in schedules, dates, times, etc.

(4) Audit the club account in the month of December and make report available at annual meeting.



(1) Collect all membership dues and have each tournament participant to sign a liability release form.

(2) Control club account

(3) Collect entry fees during tournaments

(4) Keep weigh-in records and update monthly

(5) At any time when requested show checking account balance, money spent etc;

(6) Will contact all members with any changes in schedules, dates, times etc.



(A) Minimum fish size will be 12 inches long, or designated size set by law or fishing resort.

(B) No culling at the ramp. Once sixth fish is caught you must cull prior to continuing fishing.

(C) No fish under 12 inches allowed in the boat unless the fish is identified as hurt

(D) The following procedures are established for measuring fish.

(1) Mouth closed & lined up against the end of ruler, tail lowered to its natural position on the ruler. If any

part of the tail touches the 12 inch mark the fish is legal. Sweeping the tail from side to side is legal as

long as it touches the 12 inch mark

(E) Limit of fish is Five (5) per team.

(F) A winner will be determined by total weight. In the event of a tie the team with the largest fish will win.

(G) The tournament officers will supervise weigh-in/measuring of fish. No fish will be brought to the scales

 until all antes are paid

(H) Artificial baits ONLY will be allowed in tournaments

(I) Minimum number of boats for tournament to be official is Two

(J) If two people from different teams fish together, they must weigh fish separately. They must also let the

 other person control the boat for half a day if desired.

(K) It is not mandatory to make the established tournament start time. If your partner does not show by start

 a 30-minute courtesy wait is desired. If 30 minutes pass and he has not arrived you have no further obligation. Check

in time is mandatory. Any team failing to meet the established time will have 1(lb) subtracted per minute,

after 15 minutes the team is disqualified.

(L) All fish alive will be returned to the lake

Exception:(Dead Fish Only)

(M) Year-end totals will be based on 11 tournaments, (Lowest 1 day points will be dropped).



(A) At the end of a tournament, no one will leave until all members are accounted for.

(B) If a member leaves early he must give notification either verbally or by note. Failure to do so will result

 in being disqualified for the tournament.

(C) All members and guest will be required to have a personal chest type life preserver participating in any

tournament. It is required to be worn while the BIG ENGINE is operated on plane. Failure to do so will

result in being disqualified from the tournament. This rule will be strictly enforced by all club members.

(D) When fishing around or near dams all State and Local Laws will apply.